Room rental in Cork for Shiatsu
and other alternative/complimentary health practices.

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 The Teaching Rooms
No. 6 Sidney Place,
Wellington Road,

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The Teaching Rooms are two beautiful rooms on the ground floor of 6 Sidney Place that can be used together or separately by opening or closing the sliding doors. The back room measures 15’ X 21’ and can take 12 people lying down. The front room measures 15’ X 18’ and can take up to 10 people lying down. Both rooms are fully carpeted and are clear of furniture. They are approx 18’ tall with large windows.

Each room has separate access to a toilet and a small kitchenette. The uniqueness of these rooms are noted by the beautiful architraves, ceiling rose and waist-high panelling.

Chairs, cushions, blankets, cd/tape players, whiteboards and flip chart stand are available. Electrical equipment – overhead projectors etc, are not.

Please note that The Teaching Rooms is located on the ground floor of 6 Sidney Place and has no business dealings with any other floor or occupant of the building.

Contact details for more info:

Telephone: 087 2070 132
Email: shiatsuireland@yahoo.com