• A series of workshops has been organised for the Teaching Rooms over the coming year.




Series of Talks on BEING SUCCESSFUL

Who doesn’t want to be successful? I am not sure if it is a cultural thing, but I know in Austria everyone wants to be successful on one way or another, but many of my clients start hesitating when it comes to fully pursuing what they want. The reasons are manifold. Maybe  it is easier not to draw too much attention or make others envious, maybe you learned not to want too much or put up with the next best thing. Because I believe that there is much more potential in every single one of us, I decided to dedicate an entire series of talks  – and also workshops in the future – to the topic of being successful. In the first talk, we will explore what success means.
Contribution: €10

Daniela Razocher
Somatic Coaching

(M) +43 (0) 699 18810023 // (M IRL) (083) 4620 895


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